Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Silver tredline still respected

I've read several commentators predicting the immenent fall of gold and silver to new lows but if my system is correct silver shouldn't play around for long at theses levels before it starts to climb again. Another touch of the trendline perhaps and then the inverse ETF should start moving down which means silver moves up.

It would be possible for the above chart to respect the trendline while silver continues to fall in an orderly fashion but I think the odds are better for the reverse to happen sinse touching the trendline usually indicates that a turn is coming.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Support floor for Bonds

I don't usually rely on a supporting floor alone for trades but most leveraged ETFs has a short and along version which makes it easy to view the situation from two sides at the same time.

I played the long side earlier, by shorting it at the top circle area, now we are closing in at the second area. I think the united picture given from the charts is worth a trade here.

Turn in gold

Multiple trend/support lines is not uncommon. Is it time for gold again? I can't say for sure but it looks interesting.

Crise in Natural Gas coming

The latest peak up in KOLD is steep and there is a need to predict a possible turn level. But by following the trend line the turn could be made from an much higher level. I am also cautios of gap ups, usually that means the momentum will continue for a while before turning. So both the trendline and the gap up says that even though KOLD is displaying a sharp peak up it is not ready to turn yet. According to this things will get worse for natural gas before the it gets better.

Another turn in real estate

It's a close call but real estate should be heading up again, reverse ETFs should be hitting resistance and head down. It might already have happened or is close at hand. SRS and DRV are 2X and 3X short real estate ETFs.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Timing the gold stock trades

The power of the megaphone patterns for timing is incredible. Let's have a look at recent action in the leveraged gold miner ETFs DUST and NUGT. I've been using DUST with good success for short trades based on the megaphone pattern.

From the latest peak where resistance was tested it's been a steep ride down. Now let's look at where it turned again by looking at NUGT

Again resistance was tested and the turn was visible ahead of time. So we see that with the help of megaphone patterns turns where visible both on the down and upside!