Saturday, November 22, 2014


Nigeria is not really taking off as I expected. Still I don't think we have to wait much longer. I see two main alternatives

(My analysis will be on the upside down chart since I analyze peaks. A crash is a peak upside down.) 1. Either we shoot higher buidling a second peak. The second peak gets momentum from the fallback of the previous peak. Or 2. The chart falls back right away. 

I have a good degree of liquidity in the portfolio so if scenario 1 will happen it's an excellent opportunity to accumulate.

Things feel so easy lately and profits are coming steady. Maintaning a good position of liquidity is key to to good portfolio management. I always want to be in a position where if the price goes against me it's just a chance to accumulate and if it goes with me it's a profit and a chance to add liquidity to the portfolio.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Time to remind me of what the market is teaching me

Always think of what you can loose. Not what you can win.

Do not act on dull markets, be patient.

When no opportunity exists, park money in ETF pairs but manage risk.

When no opportunity exists, raise liquidity

When no opportunity exists put in the work to look for charts that might have opportunity

A peak can climb very high for a long time, avoid accumulating on a short trade without signs that the top is near. Whatever the amount you are currently in it could double or triple unless the top is near.

When accumulating a position leave a small amount of that position for trading smaller movements and for taking risk of the table should the trade go against you.

Goin long is ultimatly more profitable, look for good entry points in markets with long term fundamental potential.

Think defensively and manage risk.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Huge day again

A great day on the markets with some of my biggest one day profits so far. Miners, silver and gas.

Looking forward to see if Nigeria is up next.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chaos is a ladder

It's been eventfull days. I prematurely declared victory on the silver, gold and miners play. First I got smacked back down and then today I got back up again. In order to minimize risk I sold off most of everything else I had in the portfolio. I took a lot of profit on the short DGAZ play which I've held for months and just when I needed some extra cash it turned well into the green. I now have a decent margin for losses should the gold trade turn against me again. But I think we've seen the worst for this time and I'm positioned for a good profit if the miners continue to climb back some.

So what's next? I'm already in Nigera ETF NGE thanks to this chart:

I turned it upside down just to make it prettier.

There's a stampede towards the exit going on so that's the cue to enter. It's funny how exponential charts loves company. First nothing happens for months and then this chart happens right after the gold chaos.

Let's end this post with some wisdoms from Littlefinger:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear readers

I told you so! If you were reading this blog you would have had the opportunity to accumulate a very profitable position right at the right time. Five of my twelve ETF positions made over 10% today. All in all the portfolio made 5% on one single day. A fantasic result. I expect the miners to continue to advance, or at the very least I expect my short positions in the reverse leveraged mining ETFs to continue to be profitable.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Full blown gold/silver crisatunity

This post is going to have a lot of charts because of the ongoing events in the gold and silver market.

What's interesting about these charts are that they are recovering from previous peaky, volatile chart patterns and are building large spikes again. It is unusual for spikes to be this large so long after the main spikes.

The miners look like an incredible shorting opportunity from here.

If we look at the inverted USLV chart it looks like the main spike could build one day or two higher but after that it should be topping out.

This is one of those rare occasions where I will commit most of my portfolio. If the fall continues for one more day or two I will keep adding to the trade by allocation a few reserve resources that are currently elsewhere and by increasing the amount of longs in 3X ETFs and decreasing the amount of shorts in the inverse 3X ETFs.