Saturday, November 8, 2014

Time to remind me of what the market is teaching me

Always think of what you can loose. Not what you can win.

Do not act on dull markets, be patient.

When no opportunity exists, park money in ETF pairs but manage risk.

When no opportunity exists, raise liquidity

When no opportunity exists put in the work to look for charts that might have opportunity

A peak can climb very high for a long time, avoid accumulating on a short trade without signs that the top is near. Whatever the amount you are currently in it could double or triple unless the top is near.

When accumulating a position leave a small amount of that position for trading smaller movements and for taking risk of the table should the trade go against you.

Goin long is ultimatly more profitable, look for good entry points in markets with long term fundamental potential.

Think defensively and manage risk.

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