Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chaos is a ladder

It's been eventfull days. I prematurely declared victory on the silver, gold and miners play. First I got smacked back down and then today I got back up again. In order to minimize risk I sold off most of everything else I had in the portfolio. I took a lot of profit on the short DGAZ play which I've held for months and just when I needed some extra cash it turned well into the green. I now have a decent margin for losses should the gold trade turn against me again. But I think we've seen the worst for this time and I'm positioned for a good profit if the miners continue to climb back some.

So what's next? I'm already in Nigera ETF NGE thanks to this chart:

I turned it upside down just to make it prettier.

There's a stampede towards the exit going on so that's the cue to enter. It's funny how exponential charts loves company. First nothing happens for months and then this chart happens right after the gold chaos.

Let's end this post with some wisdoms from Littlefinger:

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