Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tyler Technologies (TYL) Update

I started this blog to follow the blow off top pattern, then I found the more predictable and profitable megaphone pattern. These are the only two patterns I search for. It has been almost only megaphone pattern charts lately so it feels nice to get back to a pretty little blow off chart. So here is an old short recommendation (TYL) steaming ahead above 80. I am short from 73.5

Obviously I was too early. So how about the long term chart?

Thankfully it shows that TYL is in lala-land. It can go up further but what is encouraging is that it is following the path of an unsustainable move. The short position remains and I hope to see a profit in the not too distant future. It is also likely I will add to the short position if the unsustainable path continues. It is my belief that blow off tops are one of the most predictable patterns, and yet one of the simplest patterns to spot. There is less traders making decisions based on the long term charts then there are traders and investors making decisions based on the increasingly larger stream of incoming fundamental good news. But in stock trading fundamentals don't matter because unless it is fundamentals known by just a few the fundamentals are already priced in. 

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