Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good times

Things have been going great lately. In my effort to learn to trade the stock market I've made the following conclusions.

1. Find a system that is your own. Do not take advice from others because even if they are on to something you have to have the full picture to be effective, you can't get that from taking advice from others. I write this blog for myself. I have almost zero readers and that's ok.

 2. Manage bet size. Do not overextend yourself. This way you can stand if the trade goes against you and you have ammo left when the really good setups come.

3. Patience. Wait for the good trades to show up. If there's not a trade in a given month it's boring but it is totally ok.

4. Be prepared for the really good setups, you know them when you see them. I knew it in DUST and in UGAZ the other day. Bet hard but leave a little in reserve just in case. It's better to loose some profits than to blow up the account.

5. Keep a diary. This blog is my diary. Putting thoughts into text makes the thoughts clearer. Is a trading idea not good enough it will show when you try to describe it.

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