Sunday, March 9, 2014

Basic materials touch of resistance

Another touch of resistance shows up in one of the long leveraged ETFs. If anyone wonders why my resistance lines are curved it's because A, I'm using linear scaled charts and B, my curved resistance lines usually works. It's as simple as that.

So take a look at daily materials:

Daily materials is a sector that requires a large amount of capital for the companies that operate in the sector and because of that is one of the most sensitive sectors to deflation. If MATL tops here it means that deflation expectation will increase from this point.

Market leaders such as healthcare and biotech has already fallen several percentages from their highs having touched resistance at previous positions.

I keep redrawing the trendline for TNA (Small Cap Bull 3x) but regardless of the exact location of the trendline it still looks like a touch of resistance as well. 

Because of these reasons I am still short some of the leverage long ETFs. I always prefer to be short inverse leveraged ETFs since shorting the long side is riskyer. But sometimes it is too tempting to time the long side. I use limited bet sizes and have a preparedness to call it quits should it turn further against me.

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