Friday, March 14, 2014

RUSS Update

So far I've accumulated a position of about 18% of my total portfolio size shorting RUSS. Looking at this chart I'd say that is probably a little too conservative.

Managing bet sizes is the key to successfull trading and it is better to too little than too much. Still, I'm hoping for an overshoot of yesterdays top today so I can dig myself in even deeper before this chart comes crashing down again. This style of trading almost seems too easy now that I've done it for a while. I hope it's not going to bite me in the ass one of these days. :) If it goes up significantly from here I'll go long a straight Russia ETF. I'm prepared to use the other 80 percent of my portfolio and leverage on top of that if needed.

At this level I'm only few percent down on the RUSS trade and about brake even on the TNA trade. I'll be glad to reduce my short position in TNA as it is a risky bet but I would like to see at least a little profit first.

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