Monday, March 17, 2014

Is there anyone out there?

I've been writing this blog since last August. Sinse then my portfolio has gone up by about 50% which I think is pretty good. I've done a lot of predictions and I would say a large majority of them accurate. I almost never do any follow up on predictions that turned out to be profitable, I take the profit and am happy. I usually do follow up posts when my predictions fail or as I see it takes a little longer than expected to materialize. With the style of trading I do patience (shorting bubbles) can solve an initial wrong guess. Anyways, from time to time I wonder is there anyone out there reading this blog? I can see in the stats that there is. If your not a bot just say hi or whatever in the comments section, it would totally make my day to see anyone reading this blog. If not then I guess I'll continue making my predictions for all you web spiders out there. Writing this blog has helped me tremendously in fine tuning my trading skills and I can recommend it to anyone interested in becomming a better trader to do the same.