Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another tool for stats of charts

I completed another tool or page rather to view stats for climbs and slopes of charts. It's all accessible via the links to the right. I'll probably won't do anymore tooling for some time since it is a lot of work and I got most of the things I wanted. This new page will show the percentage gain or loss of a current climb or slope and list previous periods. I'm not sure about the value of it all yet but there's nothing similar out there as far as I know. Most technical traders are not as fixated in only bottoms and tops as I am. I also included links to yahoo charts for every climb or slope, maybe I will get so used to looking at them that even clearer patterns starts to appear.

I'm happy with how things are going on the markets in general but as far as the bog is conserned I don't think I have more than one or at most two readers that are not robots, no one has ever commented anything. But I have made very good recommendations so far on this blog and since the start if it my account is up substantially (in a short time) so you don't know what you are missing. :)  I've read a lot of finance and trading blogs and although the quality of writing and market knowledge probably surpasses mine by far on most of them not many give clear recommendations on what to buy or sell and is right as often as I've been. And in trading that's what counts.

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