Thursday, August 15, 2013


I built the new tool. Well first version at least. Now available from this site are three new scan list of the following:

1. Leveraged ETFs scans on best 4 day performance (as a way to find a indicator of shorting opportunity).

2. Non leveraged ETFs scan on worst 4 day performance (indicator of long opportunity)

3. Stocks scan on boolinger band crash (indicator of long opportunity)

The reason I scanned for 4 day performance on ETFs is that that is a good enough criteria to search for short term BOT behaviour. BOT often come on really short term in ETFs.

The same with stocks but instead of doing my own scan algorithm I took onee from Bollinger band crash is a good enough criteria for short term volatility.

For now there is no scan for longer term BOT pattern. There is still the link to Alltimehighstocks available. I'll probably add my own scan in the future but this is good enough for now.

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