Saturday, August 10, 2013


I was so busy playing with the "invert and magnify" stock chart tool I built that I didn't scan for any BOT patterns on Friday. Well here is one:

Am I not a pretty chart?
It doesn't show clearly but the price stands at 67. Depending on the price action on Monday this will be a bet (short) from this level and above.


BTW, if anyone is reading this and notices misspelled words and other things of questionable quality, it's because I write this blog mainly for myself and therefor I'm not putting a big effort into the details. I'm not even sure a single real person has read a single post. I get som stats from Blogger but how do they kow it's human traffic? If your reading this and your human please write something in the comments, it could be complete nonsense. Just so I know if anyone is reading, I'm really curious!

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