Monday, August 12, 2013

Plans for a new tool

It's a great day on the stock market again. I'm planning to continue work on the stock chart tool I've done and link it from this blog. The plan is to expand it and build a screener based on the BOT pattern in a couple of different categories and then display chart images for the top results. Displaying chart images for regular charts is pretty straight forward with Yahoo or Finviz charts. But I would also like to display images for data I have modified and for this I would have to hook up some other tool. Google seem to have a javascript charting tool that might fit. Preferable all charts would come from the same supplier.

This tool would look for long term BOTS but most of all medium term megaphone volatility patterns (A type of BOT pattern). I'm really excited about that pattern, how often it can be found and how reliable it seems to be. When visible in ETFs it is also garanteed that bankruptsy cannot happen since there is no underlaying business tracked, only sectors, regions, bonds or commodities and they cannot become worthless. Well bonds maybe but rarely.


BTW, todays activity so far is Short BOFI, Long ANV and BCE. I have previously displayed charts for these stocks.

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